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Support for Conference Participation

Procedure for Support for Conference Participation

The institute shall encourage participation of its faculty in National / International conferences and provide financial support for the same. However it should be clearly understood that this support is not an offer by Institute, and the faculty members should not assume any automatic claim for the same. The request for financial assistance/ support for attending conferences shall be routed through the Faculty Research Development Advisory Committee (FRDAC), which shall recommend the case for final approval by the Managing Trustee.

The request for financial support by the faculty member shall be considered as per the following norms:

  1. Registration Fee: The institute shall reimburse the actual registration fee paid, up to an upper limit of Rs 50,000/-
  2. Other Expenses: Other expenses on account of travel, boarding, lodging etc. shall be reimbursed, on production of bills, up to the following upper limits:

    Conferences in NCR:                                                                         Rs 4,000
    Conferences in India outside the NCR:                                              Rs 10,000
    Conferences outside India:                                                                 Rs 50,000
    These expenses shall be reimbursed to the faculty after his/her return from the conference held in India. However, in case of conferences held outside India, the reimbursement shall be made 6 months after the return of the faculty member, provided he stays with the institute and serves it with commitment for 6 months.

  3. The support for participation in conferences shall be subject to the following eligibility norms:
  • The paper submission should be routed through the Faculty Research Development Advisory Committee (FRDAC)
  • The faculty member should have the first authorship in the paper, and his affiliations should be clearly shown as ABESIT College of Pharmacy, campus 2, NH 24, Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad (UP) INDIA (supported through proper documents)
  • In a block of 2 years, a faculty member can get support for a maximum of 2 conferences in India (one within NCR and another outside NCR) and one conference outside India.

The support for conferences held within India shall only be given to faculty members, who have completed at least 3 months of service at the institute. For conferences held outside India, this minimum eligibility period shall be 1 year. The institute, at its discretion, may sponsor a faculty for conferences held outside India within the 1st year of service, but the reimbursement of expenses shall only be made 6 months after the completion of the minimum eligibility period of 1 year, provided he stays with the institute for this period and serves it with commitment.